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rough around the edges

Inuzuka pride!

Kiba Inuzuka
7 July

Hey hey, Inuzuka Kiba here, number 012620! Me and my partner Akamaru are part of Team 8, led by Kurenai-sensei (and we're the best)! There's also Hinata, who's part of the Hyuuga clan so she's got the really cool byakuugan, and Shino, who inherited the Aburame chakra-insects. (Man, those things are creepy.)

My family is me, my mom, my older sister, Akamaru, Kuromaru, Aoitoh, Bururin-- heh, okay, there's a lot of us. Only me, my mom and my sister are humans, but the dogs in our family aren't pets, and don't you forget it! Akamaru and I have special jutsus we do together, and trust me, you'll get your ass kicked if you try to joke about Akamaru's size.


This is the roleplaying journal for Inuzuka Kiba, part of the </b></a>narutorp. The character of Inuzuka Kiba was created by Kishimoto Masashi and is being played/written in this journal by YET ANOTHER PLAYER, Kim-chan.

Kiba is Puppy Love